Aluminum Garden Fencing Verse Timber Garden Fence

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Most cost affective maintenance free picket garden fence and pool fence on the market !

Did you know that an aluminium powdercoated products, coated and fabricated too australian standards will outlast any painted timber or steel products 3 fold ,powdercoating is a far superior way of protecting your investment the unique application of positive-negative spraying and baking at 200 deg allows the finish coating to stay on for years longer.

Aluminium products can also be regarded as the metal of the future ,this material has also built in anti corrosive properties allowing it form its own protective skin even without a coating.Most garden fence products are either steel or timber painted ,steel is usually pre galvanised and spot welded after ,allowing corrosion to set in fast on the welded areas,timber garden fencing is also inferior mostly because the quality of timber today is very poor ,coatings have also changed over the years ..with lead content taken out and nearly all paints are water bases the lasting qualities have changed dramatically.If your wanting a long term investment for your property with either aluminum powdercoated garden fencing, pool fencing,balcony railings,glass pool fencing,awnings,pergolas.slat screening,gates,contact the staff at Sureguard Railings.Before after pics_01

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